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Core components of self care


The foundation. You truly are what you eat, digest, and metabolize. Every bite makes a difference.


Stimulate this"love hormone" through joy, gratitude, and pleasure. These are essential.

Use it or Lose it

You body and your brain want to move and to learn! Don't forget to keep them active. Even small daily exercises for brain and body make a huge difference.


Reaching out to someone you care about is always a good idea. Both the good and the hard things are meant to be shared. Know yourself. Share your stories. 


Keep your values and your vision close. Act from those. Take a minute to make the best choice. Tune in to allow your intuition to be fully present.


Prioritize this integral need. High quality sleep is absolutely necessary for our body and brain to recharge, repair, learn, and reorganize.


Don't forget to replenish your body's water. All of its work depends on it! Dehydration can creep up quickly, and is also easily treated. Immerse yourself in water as well to help regulate circulation, flush toxins, and recharge all systems.

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